Housing-Infrastructure-Economic Development

Housing, Infrastructure, and Economic Development

ProgramType of ProgramFund SourceAgencyNotes
CDBG Economic Opportunity GrantsEconomic DevelopmentGrantDepartment of CommerceCommunity Development Block Grant Economic Opportunity Grants provide funding for development projects in rural cities and towns.
CDBG General Purpose Grant ProgramEconomic DevelopmentGrantDepartment of CommerceThe Community Development Block Grant General Purpose Grant program funds projects that benefit low-and moderate-income communities
CDBG Housing Enhancement Grant ProgramHousingGrantDepartment of CommerceThe Community Development Block Grant Housing Enhancement Grant program funds affordable rural housing.
CERB Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT)Economic DevelopmentTIFDepartment of CommerceThe LIFT tool allows tax revenue to finance public infrastructure in nine selected localities.
CERB Rural Broadband ProgramBroadbandGrant/LoanDepartment of CommerceThis program provides high-speed open access broadband service to underserved communities.
Collateral Support ProgramEconomic DevelopmentLoanDepartment of CommerceThis program provides loans for small businesses.
Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) Traditional ProgramEconomic DevelopmentGrant/LoanDepartment of CommerceThe Community Economic Revitalization Board provides grants for infrastructure development and business growth.
Consolidated Homeless GrantHousingGrantDepartment of CommerceConsolidated Homeless Grants provide housing assistance for people experiencing homelessness.
Emergency Solutions GrantHousingGrantDepartment of CommerceThis program provides housing assistance for at-risk and homeless adults and families.
Export Voucher ProgramEconomic DevelopmentGrantDepartment of CommerceThis program provides grants for small businesses to expand into the export market.
Housing Trust FundHousingGrant/LoanDepartment of CommerceThe Housing Trust fund finances affordable housing.
HUD HOME ProgramHousingGrantDepartment of CommerceThe HOME Program funds affordable housing for participating jurisditions.
HUD Section 811 Rental AssistanceHousingGrantDepartment of CommerceSection 811 provides rental assistance to individuals with disabilities.
PWTF Pre-Construction Loan ProgramEconomic DevelopmentLoanDepartment of CommerceThe Public Work Trust Fund Pre-Construction Loans Program funds pre-construction projects such as engineering, environmental studies, permits, and other resources.
LOCAL ProgramEquipment and Real EstateLoanOffice of the State TreasurerThe LOCAL program allows municipalities to finance essential real estate and equipment through a lease-purchase agreement.

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